Got to start somewhere

I am starting this blog to help motivate my fat butt to get in shape. This is week one, well the end of it anyhow. Lets see, I am 35, a mother of 2 and a full time student. Over the past 3 years I have steadily gained weight. I tend to put weight on all over so it creeps on and is easy to deny. Denial has put me in a very unhealthy spot.A doc visit this week confirmed what I had been trying to ignore, my weight has soared to 244. I know, I know… I can hear the collective gasps already. I fell shame and disappointment. However it is what it is and I am trying. There was a time I was very fit, I worked out and ran daily. Then I had a car accident and never started back up. I also started smoking again. That was years ago now, like 10 years! Just over a year ago I decided to give up the ciggys as my first step towards a healthier life. I have been reading a book called Fit Moms for Life. (check it out!) I also finally got off my rump. It was hard and it sucked and I really wanted to give up, but i didn’t. I worked out 3 days this week, which is super good for me. I did 2 days of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, stage 1, the other day i did zumba for beginners. I will say the 1 hour of zumba had nothing on the 20 min shred. OMG! I was so sore after day 1, i could hardly walk. I also could not do the shred as hard core as even the chick that was to be followed by beginners. But i did it and did not stop, even though I couldn’t do as many reps, I rocked that chiz the best I could. I haven’t sweated like this in years! Now the zumba was super fun, I also had a good time cracking up at myself in the process. I looked nothing like those instructors, at all. I looked so funny I had my 13 yr old laughing with me! Again, I did my best and that is what matters. I also learned I need to brush up on my dancing skills lol! The point is I kept moving, even when I felt like a tub of jelly just shaking all over. I feel good about what I did so far. Maybe you know what it is like to battle your weight like me. I am tired of not feeling good about myself. I want to enjoy clothes shopping. I want to keep up with my kids. I graduate in a year, with a degree I have worked hard for, when i walk I want to be proud and not insecure about looking like a whale in my gown. My honey loves me but I want to feel so proud of myself that it spills over to him. BTW he has worked hard over the past year to drop 60lbs! So he understands my struggles. Maybe you will read this and you have a tip or question or just want to share experiences with each other. 🙂 This is the start of my journey! Wish me luck!!! -Ms.Z


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