another shweaty workout

phew weee. This workout makes me sweat my ass off. Seriously, I have to be pretty much toxin free by now. As much as i have wanted to give in and stop, I did it today. Trying to change my mindset has been a struggle. I would much rather eat a donut (which i gave in and bought) and play video games but i know i can’t. It will get easier, sex will be better and shopping can be fun!!! I am screaming this internally. I will say my muffin top has become smaller, sadly i can tell by my clothes and my gut/steering wheel ratio. It is what it is, for now. I can continue to improve and force myself to bring it!

today’s workout:

thanks and come again!


f*&$k! I did it.

i did it, another workout done! I got up from a nap to workout, crazy i know. I was pretty darn comfy too. but i figure if i keep acting like a slug i will continue to look like one. As i workout i discover how foreign my body really has become to me. It is easy to ignore the space i occupy while i am just sitting and being a lazy ass. As i am going through the movements i am becoming very aware of the fat that is in the way of my body moving freely. How gross is that!? i just want to push it off and feel free again. It makes me angry and i channel that anger into the workout. I have to remind myself that I am doing something to change and change takes fucking timmmme!!!! I deserve the change though! I want to feel good about myself. If you are happy with who you are then good for you, but i am not. I hate that even when i sit i am uncomfortable! That my belly looks like a front butt! No one wants two asses! I can’t scratch my damn back or shoulder! My thighs fight for the same space! I despise shopping and i have to admit it is largely because I hate trying on clothes, not finding clothes that fit well and settling for clothes i hate. I did the same workout as yesterday, the week one of J.Michaels 30 day plan. 

I slacked…

I took a break and am back. I had a health issue and company in the home. Those are my reasons/excuses. However, here I am. sweaty and beat. Today I did a different Jillian Micheals workout. It is week one of the Ripped in 30days. I really liked this one. It kicked my butt as usual but it went by fast. I also finally got a set of hand weights. They are purple and comfy to hold. I found them at TJMax. I love that store. I saw a lot of mats there too, that is next for me as well as a stability ball. Here is the link to the workout i found

that should work. If my fat ass can do it, so can yours!

Oh Dear Lord, help my hefty butt

I just finished Jillian Michaels ab routine. The entire thing is about 35 mins, this is level one. Dear Lord, I am sweating everywhere, that is one thing i can say about her workouts, they are tough but it is obvious by the amount of sweat I lose something is working. I still don’t feel super well, I do feel better after a good workout but I am listening to my body. Because I am a fat ass and way out of shape I only did the first circuit, about 26 mins total. Now although this is labeled an ab workout, it is so much more. I didn’t use weights either since I am a beginner. This shit is tough, I discovered I can not to a side plank to save my life. Instead I just did more side crunches. I know from experience that eventually I will be strong enough. Anyhoo I will post the link here for this workout.

Try it out, share some input. Someone… Anyone :p 

back on track?

So here is week 3, it really through me off last week skipping Monday, bad idea. I knew that I would be working Sat and Sun I vegged with the family. I have to admit my motivation was pretty flat today. I decided that since I still am not felling all that great I would search for another exercise routine rather than the Jillian Michael’s shred. I found a perfect 10 min workout for me. It is a starting workout based on The Biggest Losers series. I loved that there was a variety of people, different ages and strengths. It was nice to see someone else at my pace. I also loved the way the instructor spoke about taking those first steps. I am including the link, hope i do that correctly.

eh i hope that works, there are tons of free, streamable workouts on this site but this should take you to the actual workout i did. After doing this one I also found another Jillian Michaels workout I will do next time, if i am feeling better.

I think at this point the biggest challenge is to not stop. Even if I have to do the shorter lower intensity workout. Just gotta move it move it! One day at a time, one day closer to a healthier, thinner me. 

it is what it is

I got about 85% through my workout and became very sick so i called it a day. Got to listen to my body too. This post is gonna be short so i can go lay on the living room floor and cool off, hope everyone had a nice holiday yesterday.


The start of week 2 towards changing my body to be a healthier me. Sounds so simple when I read it. Truth is that it is really freaking hard! I skipped Monday, I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday. I do have other health issues like fibro so I do listen to my body too. My first 2 areas I have chosen to focus on are getting my body moving and drinking a lot more water. I really got bad about drinking water, esp being a student, I lived on coffee.  Did Jillian Michael’s Shred vid 1 today. It is hardcore and 20 mins! The fact that it is 20 mins is awesome for me. It is a bit of a motivator. Another thing I do is put on my running sneakers for every workout. It is something i did in the past, it help that switch click in my noggin. Oh and here is another thing, i kept telling myself i couldn’t start the dvd  without a weight set. There aren’t cheap and i haven’t had the extra funds. I started without them and the workout still kicks my butt! Maybe one day I will have a reader and we can help motivate each other! cheers! *raises water bottle*