The start of week 2 towards changing my body to be a healthier me. Sounds so simple when I read it. Truth is that it is really freaking hard! I skipped Monday, I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday. I do have other health issues like fibro so I do listen to my body too. My first 2 areas I have chosen to focus on are getting my body moving and drinking a lot more water. I really got bad about drinking water, esp being a student, I lived on coffee.  Did Jillian Michael’s Shred vid 1 today. It is hardcore and 20 mins! The fact that it is 20 mins is awesome for me. It is a bit of a motivator. Another thing I do is put on my running sneakers for every workout. It is something i did in the past, it help that switch click in my noggin. Oh and here is another thing, i kept telling myself i couldn’t start the dvd  without a weight set. There aren’t cheap and i haven’t had the extra funds. I started without them and the workout still kicks my butt! Maybe one day I will have a reader and we can help motivate each other! cheers! *raises water bottle*


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