back on track?

So here is week 3, it really through me off last week skipping Monday, bad idea. I knew that I would be working Sat and Sun I vegged with the family. I have to admit my motivation was pretty flat today. I decided that since I still am not felling all that great I would search for another exercise routine rather than the Jillian Michael’s shred. I found a perfect 10 min workout for me. It is a starting workout based on The Biggest Losers series. I loved that there was a variety of people, different ages and strengths. It was nice to see someone else at my pace. I also loved the way the instructor spoke about taking those first steps. I am including the link, hope i do that correctly.

eh i hope that works, there are tons of free, streamable workouts on this site but this should take you to the actual workout i did. After doing this one I also found another Jillian Michaels workout I will do next time, if i am feeling better.

I think at this point the biggest challenge is to not stop. Even if I have to do the shorter lower intensity workout. Just gotta move it move it! One day at a time, one day closer to a healthier, thinner me. 


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