Oh Dear Lord, help my hefty butt

I just finished Jillian Michaels ab routine. The entire thing is about 35 mins, this is level one. Dear Lord, I am sweating everywhere, that is one thing i can say about her workouts, they are tough but it is obvious by the amount of sweat I lose something is working. I still don’t feel super well, I do feel better after a good workout but I am listening to my body. Because I am a fat ass and way out of shape I only did the first circuit, about 26 mins total. Now although this is labeled an ab workout, it is so much more. I didn’t use weights either since I am a beginner. This shit is tough, I discovered I can not to a side plank to save my life. Instead I just did more side crunches. I know from experience that eventually I will be strong enough. Anyhoo I will post the link here for this workout. 


Try it out, share some input. Someone… Anyone :p 


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