what was i thinking?! So today I decided to go on to week 2 of the Jillian Michael’s shred. yeah… now the basis of this shred is it is a 30 day program, a new workout every week. pfthth right. I believe this maybe for chics that are already freakin built. Cause let me tell you, if ya got any body fat or boobs, it is not easy.  I of course have plenty of both. Now don’t get me wrong I did not quit. I may have looked like a walrus trying to be a mermaid but damn it! I kept going. I will say week 2 contains a lot of plank related exercises. Planks are the damn devil. They are hard and apparently exist in many forms. I assumed my walrus position and did my best. My core feels very worked out right now. At this point trying is the only option! Here is my insane way of thinking. I have access to an amazing state of the art gym at school. Every semester I have said i would use it, which i do for a brief time. then i stop. Well I had the bright idea that if i signed up for an actual credit giving class, my nerd heart would not let me give up. I am 35 years old! most of my class mates are around 19. :/ which means the cardio/weight class i will be starting in a few weeks will be with these kids. Kill me now. I have almost unenrolled a few times now over summer. ugh!!!! I can’t give up, I also decided to start working out over summer to help myself out by time class starts. What was I thinking!? lol! The best gift i have embraced this 35th year of my life is the ability to not give a fuck! lol true story! eh, dinner dishes can be done in morn cause idgaf! semi home cooked meal for the fam?! hell yeah! idgaf! they will survive! We are so hard on ourselves. Be the best mom, daughter, wife, gf, sister, employee, student, yada yada! pfthth! IDGAF!!!!! embrace it people!!! I am fat and out of shape, i will be huffing and puffing around those kids but idgaf. When i exert any energy what so ever,it is ugly! red face, frizzy hair, sweaty everywhere ugly but idgaf. It is what it is and it boils down to what I can live with 😀

link to the 2nd week of the shred. good luck and don’t stop, no matter what! 

be your own mermaid!!!


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