Get it Girl!

another workout down. Woohoo! I forced myself to follow through. Yes i know it will get easier. I know from experience. However it doesn’t change the fact that currently working out does not come naturally or easily. As a reminder i am still fat and indeed out of shape. Fat people do not like bouncing their fat around while sweating lol it is the truth. Sad but true. I actually sat my fat ass down and got online to do nothing but FB while i chatted on the phone. It was while on FB that a beautiful friend of mine posted an inspirational photo and saying. Ugh i love and hate when she does that! lol it said Commitment: You are either in or out, there is no in between …. It hit home for sure. Why give up? I missed my workout yesterday because i was just plan lazy. It can be easy to say “what is one day missed?” “it won’t make a difference” I have to remind myself that it is the same as not being able to smoke just one ciggy. It doesn’t work that way and i would be fooling myself  if i believed that. I want to stick this out and work through the pain, sweat, and lazies. I am still on week one of Jillian Michaels ripped in 30. The link is on past posts.


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