Bibbity Bobbity boobs.

I developed my chest at a young age. I have never really enjoyed having larger boobs. It is true. Even more so being over weight.One of the tasks i really loathe is having to go bra shopping. I freaking hate it. I do choose to buy my bras from a plus size clothing store. At least I know there are a few more options that are actually pretty. My semi annual bra shopping trip is coming in a few weeks. grrr.

Today I did a short Jillian Michaels ab workout. I know a lil step but it is still one. I am back to square one. My longs are finally healed enough that I feel well enough to start working out again. I will say a great inspiration for me recently was a visit from my sister, who i had not seen in about 4 years. The last time i had seen her in person she was at her heaviest. Since then she has lost about 90lbs! She looks amazing! We are built similar so it was an eye opener at what I could look like if i lost this pesky fat. I am so proud of her. I also have another friend from high school who has dropped a bunch over the past year, such inspiration. So I am back. I know i have zero readers right now but ya never know. This is going to be a hard battle that will have grumpy, weak, tired moments but i hope those disappear and are replaced with courage, happiness and pride. 



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