Happy New Year

I have never really played into the whole New Years thing, as an adult. Until this year, of course. Last year will not be missed, at least from June on. I cannot say it was the worst year of my life. I know that really there are so many other people who had it much worse. Of course our trauma, hurt, fear, disappointment, anger, saddness, emptiness, and sorrow are completely our own, so to ourselves it matters most but to others it slightly does.  I also see that I have been through other situations where i didn’t know if i could keep it together past the next breath. I just feel like something is lurking around the corner. So I am refocusing to actually list a few goals for the next year. I think the theme will be “SELF”. I believe I can grow a lot in this area. I just turned 36, I feel i am at my worst so there is room for improvement. I feel as though it is important to include many sorts of goals.:


  • drink more water
  • get a new hair style
  • possibly a great color too
  • schedule a day of pampering
  • Take a vitamin everyday
  • Do Not start smoking again
  • Buy and WEAR a fantastic red lipstick
  • Dress how i want to.
  • learn to feel good about myself.
  • Allow myself to be as boyish or girlie as i please.
  • rediscover a healthier and fit me
  • finally get my nose pierced
  • get my sleeve worked on
  • Stop allowing myself to be in the shadows, demand otherwise
  • regain lost stride, courage, resistance and oomph.

I know i will continue to add more… I am just at a turning point, i can feel it coming and i am going to grab this year by the balls and enjoy the ride.


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