yet again

Ok, a year has been by and so much has happened. I am not where i want to be or planned to be … yet. I had the pregnancy, the loss of that child, i had surgery, got pneumonia from that surgery which kept me sick for months. My immune system tanked so i caught every strep, flu, cold, ear infection i could. I am finally breathing better and close to recovered. However i am still fat and severely out of shape. I noticed all the links i posted previously are no longer working, sorry bout that. Today i went to youtube and typed in “Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred” there is also ripped in 30. whatever your choice just do it. Here are the facts from my first workout today:

1. Doing jumping jacks broke my heart, they were a in my face reality check. No, it is not fun jumping up and down while my fat plops around. Although i discovered my new sports bra worked amazingly.

2. even when i couldn’t do exactly what they were, i never stopped moving. 

3 my reps may have been slower and a couple less but i did it.

4 i need a yoga mat, hardwood floors are not kind.

5. i used to crank real push ups out like nothing… eh not so much anymore. but i will again one day.

6. it took days to talk myself into finally doing this, clearly if it were easy i would already be in shape. 

7. exercising while fat sucks, plan and simple. 

8. i have to do it again…


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