My friend Denise…

Years ago I regained my health and was in the best shape ever. It was hard work but a few months in, my life was so different. Then i had a car accident that stopped my work outs and I never picked it back up. What launched my workout regime was a Denise Austin Video Tape, pretty sure we didn’t have a dvd player back then. The first workout was horrible, i couldn’t even finish it, but there was something about the way Denise spoke to her audience that kept me going. I alternated between a cardio/strength training tape and her 8 mins (i think, may have been 6) ab workout. On the days i did the ab tape i also walked. After a few months I did both tapes and i ran DAILY. I can’t imagine doing that now. Just like i couldn’t when i first started years ago. I know it is possible, i have done it before. I had been using Jillian Michael’s on and off the past year, mostly off. Today i switched to Denise and I feel like a came home. Maybe you will like her too. i am posting a link which may or may not work, I found her workout on a Youtube channel called BeFit, they have tons of others too, for any time limit, and skill level. If i can make it through this 20 mins, anyone can. I did struggle, no shame, but at some point i won’t. Good Luck! We can do this! 


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