Transition can be scary, even more so when new behavior is being learned. Working out feels good, my body loves it but it is still a struggle. Last week my 14 yr old son had 2 friends return from vacations, naturally they spent time spending the night. I could not bring myself to exercise while there were guests in the house. I do my exercise in the kitchen because that is where my computer is and I stream my workouts. It rained and stormed like crazy so walking was out of the question. It is so easy though to listen to that lil voice that appeases the fat lazy me. Today is a new week, looking forward not back. I am a lil pressed for time today so i did the arm workout i posted last week. It works your entire body but focuses on the arms. It is also pretty hardcore for me as of now. My arms feel like jello right now. Anyhoo, taking the kids to the movies today, should be fun. One day at a time. 

another day down

I haven’t posted since last friday. I did not work out over the weekend because I worked at my job and one of my internships. But here I am, I was dragging my ass hardcore, no lie. I almost talked myself out of my workout. It seems my inner voice has always done that. “do it later” “one more day won’t hurt” … The real truth is that I will always be fat if i keep allowing myself not to put physical exercise at the top of my to do list. At the end of last week my energy was high and all i wanted to do was workout, this week didn’t start that way but it doesn’t mean it can’t finish that way. I did a short 10 min workout by denise austin called dance funk or something. It was good to get the body moving but that was it. Before hand i did an ab workout of my own, even with the two I felt like i was copping out so i found an arm workout on the BeFit channel. Boy did i find an arm workout. The trainer is Tracey Mallett, who i had never heard of but apparently is popular. She worked the shit out of my flabby arms. It was only 10 mins but damn it was tough but felt good. I used 5 pound weights, simply because that is what i have. This could be effective without the dang weights too. Give it a try, even if you don’t do every rep, it is movement. Do it enough and it will become easy. copy and paste this link since i can’t drop it in my text anymore. I did post it in the post before this one. Get up and move, if my fat ass can so can you.



This is a saying I have heard Denise Austin say for years. Every time i hear it I laugh. Do i think there aren’t people out there who like chubby people? no of course not. There are a million combos of preferences and taste in the world. The thing is that i decided to do this for me, not for some one else. Every sweat drop is for a better, healthier me. Obviously there are people who will argue about accepting themselves how they are, even if that means being fat and out of shape. This fat chic is tired of it though. I want to find clothes easily and be comfortable doing so. Today i did a repeat of Denise Austins Shape up and Shed pounds. I am loving this workout, it is challenging but not too far out of my league that i feel like a failure and giving up. It has a lot of dance moves but not so many that i got lost like i did during my zumba fail. (i will destroy Zumba one day). Do it! even if it is only part of it, each time will get easier and as with anything practice .. practice … practice! If my fat ass can so can you!

sweaty and happy about it

I feel fantastic! I worked my ass off just now and it felt good. I love denise Austin! She makes working out so much fun. This one is the longest so far, just shy of 32 minutes and no weights involved. But i am dripping with sweat. Try it! Remember if my fat ass can do this, so can you! 

Week 2

Yep been at this point before but a start over than not at all. I am sitting here sweaty and loving it. It feels good to be moving again. Today I did the Denise Austin Kickboxing Cardio I found on the BeFit youtube channel. I love her, she is encouraging and workouts go by so fast with her as the couch. This workout was more fun than anything. I have been focusing on just moving in one way or another. I don’t know if I will switch to a different one next time but I like variety.