This is a saying I have heard Denise Austin say for years. Every time i hear it I laugh. Do i think there aren’t people out there who like chubby people? no of course not. There are a million combos of preferences and taste in the world. The thing is that i decided to do this for me, not for some one else. Every sweat drop is for a better, healthier me. Obviously there are people who will argue about accepting themselves how they are, even if that means being fat and out of shape. This fat chic is tired of it though. I want to find clothes easily and be comfortable doing so. Today i did a repeat of Denise Austins Shape up and Shed pounds. I am loving this workout, it is challenging but not too far out of my league that i feel like a failure and giving up. It has a lot of dance moves but not so many that i got lost like i did during my zumba fail. (i will destroy Zumba one day). Do it! even if it is only part of it, each time will get easier and as with anything practice .. practice … practice! If my fat ass can so can you!


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