Transition can be scary, even more so when new behavior is being learned. Working out feels good, my body loves it but it is still a struggle. Last week my 14 yr old son had 2 friends return from vacations, naturally they spent time spending the night. I could not bring myself to exercise while there were guests in the house. I do my exercise in the kitchen because that is where my computer is and I stream my workouts. It rained and stormed like crazy so walking was out of the question. It is so easy though to listen to that lil voice that appeases the fat lazy me. Today is a new week, looking forward not back. I am a lil pressed for time today so i did the arm workout i posted last week. It works your entire body but focuses on the arms. It is also pretty hardcore for me as of now. My arms feel like jello right now. Anyhoo, taking the kids to the movies today, should be fun. One day at a time. 


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