another day down

I haven’t posted since last friday. I did not work out over the weekend because I worked at my job and one of my internships. But here I am, I was dragging my ass hardcore, no lie. I almost talked myself out of my workout. It seems my inner voice has always done that. “do it later” “one more day won’t hurt” … The real truth is that I will always be fat if i keep allowing myself not to put physical exercise at the top of my to do list. At the end of last week my energy was high and all i wanted to do was workout, this week didn’t start that way but it doesn’t mean it can’t finish that way. I did a short 10 min workout by denise austin called dance funk or something. It was good to get the body moving but that was it. Before hand i did an ab workout of my own, even with the two I felt like i was copping out so i found an arm workout on the BeFit channel. Boy did i find an arm workout. The trainer is Tracey Mallett, who i had never heard of but apparently is popular. She worked the shit out of my flabby arms. It was only 10 mins but damn it was tough but felt good. I used 5 pound weights, simply because that is what i have. This could be effective without the dang weights too. Give it a try, even if you don’t do every rep, it is movement. Do it enough and it will become easy. copy and paste this link since i can’t drop it in my text anymore. I did post it in the post before this one. Get up and move, if my fat ass can so can you.